Mary Meeker releases her 2012 Internet Trends

One of the must reads on the State of the Internet is the report published by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins.   The latest edition was just posted on Slideshare and I highly advise you take a few minutes this weekend to read it.  At a high level, the report talks the following:

  1. Basic Stats – Internet Growth Remains Robust, Rapid Mobile Adoption Still in Early Stages
  2. Re-Imagination – of Nearly Everything
  3. Asset-Light Generation – From Hand to Cloud & Back…Rise of the Sharing Economy (a great trend for Brandery grad FlightCar)
  4. ‘USA, Inc.’ – A Lot to be Excited About in Tech, a Lot to be Worried about in Other Areas

Brands As API [presentation]

One of our key partners for both Rockfish and The Brandery is Miami University’s Interactive Media Studies Program.   They are really teaching the next generation of business leaders to combine business and technology in their approach to brand building.  Along those very lines, the program recently presented ”Brand As API”, a conceptual framework for understanding new opportunities in branding. This model was unveiled at SXSW Interactive in March 2012 and the presentation is embedded below.

Brand As API – SXSW 2012 Presentation

Gareth Kay says to “Think Small”

The other day, my friend Gareth Kay was saying that his meme on “we need a new idea about ideas” was growing tired.  Leave it to Gareth to make that comment only to have a new idea in his back pocket to unleash on the world.

Which leads us to the below presentation entitled “Think Small” that Gareth presented this past week at Future Flash 2011, an event in Collingwod, Canada curated by Contagious Magazine for the Institute of Communication Agencies.  In the presentation, Gareth rips against the idea of “Big Ideas” and “Big Audiences” , arguing that “we’ve confused the end with the means.”  In the midst of this argument, he even manages to mix it some brilliant Tom Fishburne cartoons.

All in all, its a great new presentation by Gareth and one I hope to see in person someday soon.

Side note – Slide 42 might just be the most brilliant t-shirt ever… “Houston, we have an opportunity.”  Well done.

Partnership 2.0 – My talk at Mashable Connect 2011 on brands and startups

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the inaugural Mashable Connect conference in Orlando, Florida.  As you would expect, Mashable put together a stellar line-up of speakers (myself excluded).  The below is the presentation that I gave on how brands and startups can work together in mutually beneficial partnerships.

How Online to Offline affects commerce and buying behavior

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the trend of “Online to Offline” and how digital is transforming human behavior.  So it was a bit serendipitous that I ran across the two below presentations by Paul Adams.  A former Googler, Paul is now a Product Manager at Facebook.  In these presentations, he outlines how social networking is really tied to basic consumer behavior.  Or as Paul eloquently puts it:

Social networking is a means to an end.  You need to understand what the end is.

Bridging the gap between our online and offline social network

How Your Customers’ Social Circles Influence What They Buy, What They Do and Where They Go