A hands-on guide to the Future of Mobile Tagging [presentation]

Over the past several years, QR Codes and Tagging have been all the rage in marketing circles.  Personally I have been pretty negative on the upside of QR codes vs barcode scanning.  Coming from a CPG world, space on  the physical package is the most valuable asset there is.  A major package change only happens every few years and its like moving mountains to make it happen. So when it comes to finding sufficient space to add a QR code, its a challenge to say the least.

However, as I start to see more and more applications of Tagging in the real-world, I’m beginning to change my tune a bit.  A physical tag is a great indication to a consumer that they need to “do something.”   It triggers them to take their phone out and engage in some way with that object. In that regard, the below report from PSFK is one of the better guides I have seen on exactly how a brand should think about tagging.  As they list, there are four real roles of tagging including:

  1. For Awareness
  2. For Information Gathering
  3. For Action / Purchase
  4. For Post-Purchase

While the presentation is a bit long at 95 slides, it’s a great read for anyone thinking about how mobile tagging can impact their business.

Why the iPod Touch is the best way to reach teens & tweens

Thanks to a post by Augustine Fou, I came across this chart that breaks down which mobile platforms are being used by people of different ages.

Amazing to see that over 6 out of 10 iPod Touch users are 17 years old or younger.  And only 2 out of 10 are over the age of 25.  Talk about a strong statement for the iPod Touch being a targeted way to reach teens and tweens.

The Future of Mobile according to Resource Interactive

Brand Managers need to pay attention to the potential of Mobile Marketing

How many times have you heard someone proclaim, “Mobile Marketing is going to be huge this year!”?  Personally I think I have heard it every year since about 2004.  But despite these constant shouts, I did read some recent facts & figures that make me think the time of mobile might arriving sooner rather than later.  Consider these:

The mobile phone is the most popular electronic device in the world:

  • 3X more cellphones than TV’s
  • 2X more cellphones that PC’s
  • 91% of mobile users keep their cell phone within one meter of themselves 24 hours/day 365 days/yr

The mobile phone is second nature to Millenials:

  • 10 years old is the average age a tween/teen gets their first cellphone
  • 88% of tweens/teens use a cell phone daily

There is huge potential for Digital Content and Search through the mobile phone:

  • 10.3MM US subscribers access video on their handset every month…yet 109MM user are capable of doing so on the cellphone they own
  • 500MM iPhone Apps have been downloaded since its debut in July 08
  • 21MM US mobile phone users who use search per month, a 68% increase in 2007

And finally if those didn’t grab your attention, marketers are starting to put their wallets where the facts are:

  • 25%+ of brands expect to see mobile advertising taking 2-5% of their overall marketing budget in the next 5 years
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