How to Build a Startup that Thrives – SXSW V2V 2013

At the inaugural SXSW V2V this August, I had the opportunity to deliver a 20/20 Vision talk on “How to Build a Startup that Thrives.” The talk answered the question of “can today’s startups become tomorrow’s General Mills or P&Gs?” In the startup world, overnight success stories make a big splash. But what happens when initial rounds of investment dry up, the press moves on and success relies on your business strategy as much as your creativity? The talk was meant to show you how to look beyond the first 5 years to build a foundation for the next 60.

The team at SXSW V2V just posted the talk in its entirety, which you can view by clicking the video link here.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Don’t Call Us Flyover Country

In September, I had the opportunity to be one of the keynote speakers for the inaugural D2 Cincinnati conference.  Standing for Digital Dialogue, D2 was focused on how brands and retailers make meaningful digital connections with consumers that build long-term brand loyalty.  For my portion of the conference, I focused on the role that Cincinnati plays in Digital Brand Building.  Below is the presentation that I gave to bring a close to Day 1 of the event.

Mary Meeker releases her 2012 Internet Trends

One of the must reads on the State of the Internet is the report published by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins.   The latest edition was just posted on Slideshare and I highly advise you take a few minutes this weekend to read it.  At a high level, the report talks the following:

  1. Basic Stats – Internet Growth Remains Robust, Rapid Mobile Adoption Still in Early Stages
  2. Re-Imagination – of Nearly Everything
  3. Asset-Light Generation – From Hand to Cloud & Back…Rise of the Sharing Economy (a great trend for Brandery grad FlightCar)
  4. ‘USA, Inc.’ – A Lot to be Excited About in Tech, a Lot to be Worried about in Other Areas

The Impending Era of SoLoMo

Rockfish CEO Kenny Tomlin gave the keynote for the 2012 iMedia Agency Summit. Check out his below presentation entitled “SoLoMo: Creator of The Hyper-Connected Consumer & What Brands Can Do to Keep Up”