Kincast makes it easy to video share moments with your family

Earlier this summer, the guys at Sproutbox introduced me to one of their newest investments, a company called Kincast.  In their words,

“Kincast is a fun and special way to engage loved ones in a worry-free environment. Chatting, sharing video, sending video messages and creating video cards get everyone involved.”

Today, Kincast launches their version 2.0 with a new app that has completely reworked the user experience.  The below video does a great job of capturing the value proposition of the company.  More importantly, the video captures a key insight that all consumer startups should pay attention to.  Instead of talking the various product features, Kincast focuses on the problem that they are solving for real people.  In this case, that problem is the fact that families have special moments that are often missed because of time and distance.   It is a problem I have watched first hand with our twins given that none of family lives here in Cincinnati.

Check out the below video and be sure to download the new version of Kincast.


Disclosure:  I am an adviser to Kincast

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