Is your company a “Silent Killer”?

I just started to read Brad Feld’s new ebook Burning Entrepreneur and I can already say its another must-read for entrepreneurs.  The book is largely a collection of Brad’s writing from his popular blog put together in a single book.  In a world of RSS, it is inevitable that you are going to miss some great posts, even if you are a loyal reader of a blog.  Burning Entrepreneur has made me realize the great posts I have missed from Brad, including one called “The Silent Killers” that talks about a certain type of company:

When I look at the Foundry Group portfolio, we’ve got a bunch of them in it. They don’t spend a lot of time trying to get written up in TechCrunch. They often aren’t based in the bay area. Their CEO’s don’t run around bloviating about what they are going to do some day.  They just do it. And suddenly they are $10 million, or $20 million, or even $50 million revenue companies. Before anyone has really noticed. Without any real competition. They are the unambiguous and dominant market leader… But they sneak up on you. They don’t waste their time hyping themselves. They don’t run around trying to get VCs interested in what they are doing. Rather, they just do.

Many of the companies that excite me at The Brandery fall into this camp for sure.  And the same goes for Brand Ventures.  I definetely share Brad’s feeling for these type of companies.



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