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Sometimes you come across a brand experience that was just so amazing, you have to tell people about.  For me, that experience came this weekend from an unlikely place – a baby monitor manufacturer.

One of my tasks on my to do list was to set up our two newly purchased baby monitors at the house.  Being the geek that I am, we had purchased cameras from WiFi Baby that would be viewable on the iPhone, iPad and Android.  Initial set-up was a breeze but I ended up running into some pretty technical problems with the dynamic IP’s on the cameras.   After wasting a few hours trying to solve it myself, I decided to drop an email to WiFi Baby to see if they would be able to help.

Since their website clearly said that customer service was only available during the weekday, I didn’t expect to hear anything from them till Monday.  But in the first of many pleasant surprises, it only took them about 30 minutes to get a response on Saturday afternoon from Gary, the WiFi Baby Technical Supervisor.  While the speed of response was impressive, its really what came next that set WiFi Baby apart.  In their email back to me, Gary offered to set up a time over the weekend at any point that I would be available.  Once we had a time, he followed up with a simple program to install for screen sharing so he can help me with the problem I was facing.

Once the appointed time rolled around, Gary called my cell phone and we got to work.  He immediately took the control of my computer and walked me step by step through everything that needed done.  It took about 15 minutes and everything was running perfectly.  He even tweaked a few of the settings on the camera that would make for a better experience (changing the date stamp and fixing the lighting).  If that wasn’t enough, he even helped me get the app set up on my iPhone, which was impressive since it was third party software.  Almost any other company would have claimed to not be able to help due to it not being their program.  But WiFi Baby recognized that customer service was the ultimate goal and that meant helping at each step of the process.  And I almost forgot the best part.  Gary followed up about 30 minutes after our call with an email detailing every single step he took so I could fix it myself at a later date.  And it wasn’t just a generic note but a detailed email with every personalized step.  Wow.

Everyone knows of the great customer service from companies like Zappos or Apple.  But it is really amazing when you have a chance to run across equally stellar service from a small business.  WiFi Baby clearly recognizes the value of going above and beyond for their customers.   Needless to say, they have won me over as a loyal customer.




  1. parentingallies says

    As a small business owner, I have always stressed that nothing, nothing can beat customer service. People can like the product and tell a few people when the need for the product comes up, but if they love the customer service, they will tell everyone!

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