Klout’s version of March Madness

Last week I got a fun invitation from the crew over at Klout asking me to participate in Agency Insanity, their version of March Madness.  Instead of college hoops though, this bracket is a match-up of marketers from different agencies.  In Agency Insanity, marketers compete head-to-head in a bracket on who has more influence. The bracket has 6 rounds of competition and people are seeded based on their Klout Scores.

Klout gets credit for some solid B2B marketing on this one for sure.  Agencies are a key target audience for them and what better way to get their attention than to throw a little competition into the mix.  After all, which agency wouldn’t want to be able to take home the title of Klout’s Most Influential Social Media Marketer?

I’m always up for a little competition and I could use your help.  In the first round of the Agency Insanity Tournament, I’m up against Maggie Ratigan, a Media Planner at AKQA.  My team name is ROC-DK.  You can help me advance to the 2nd Round by visiting the bracket matchup and giving me +K.  Our CEO/Founder of Rockfish, Kenny Tomlin, is also in the bracket as ROC-KT.  He’s faced with a tough first round match-up, going against my fellow VCU BrandCenter Board Member, Gareth Kay.

The tournament is taking place over the next two weeks with Round 1 today, Round 2 on March 21, Sweet 16 on March 22, Elite 8 on March 23 and then Final Four on March 26.    You can log-in daily to ”Give +K’s”.  I appreciate the help!

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