Happy #LeapDay

February 29th might be known as Leap Day every 4 years, but today it takes on another meaning with the launch of Leap for the iPhone.  As a graduate of The Brandery in 2011, Leap is a pretty remarkable company.  They entered the program as Wellthy, but ended up pivoting midway through.  Today that pivot comes to life and I couldn’t be more excited for what the team has accomplished.

So what is Leap exactly?

Leap lets you create challenges with your friends and compete by snapping photos and earning points.  Whatever your interests are, there is a challenge that you can create on Leap to help you reach your goals, motivate your friends to try new things, eat healthier meals, or get the most out of your Friday night.  Leap comes with filled with fun challenges from Hipster Hunt, where you compete by snapping photos of hipsters in your city, to Breakfast Champion, a simple challenge to make sure you eat the most important meal of the day.

Congrats to James Dickerson, Ryan Tinker and Nick Cramer, the three co-founders of Leap.  Be sure to head over to the App Store to download Leap and wish them a happy #leapday on Twitter.

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