Join our Roundtable on the Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

This week I am taking part in a fun experiment with a new startup called Roundtable.    Roundtable describes itself in the following way:

At Roundtable we’re all about empowering meaningful conversations – between thought leaders, between friends, and between curated communities of strangers.

It is a really neat concept and one I became interested in after reading a Roundtable on Startup Funding that was hosted a few weeks ago.  I decided to jump at the chance to have Rockfish host a Roundtable on the Future of Digital Marketing.  After all, we call ourselves a “Digital Innovation Partner” so it is a topic that is at the heart of what we do.  My goal was to bring together Marketers, Venture Capitalists and Startups to discuss and debate on where Digital Marketing will go in the next few years.  We were able to pull together a really world-class group of digital thought leaders including:

  • Chris Erb, VP of Brand Marketing for EA SPORTS
  • Chris Fralic, Managing Partner at First Round Capital
  • Jason Falls, author of “No Bullshit Social Media”
  • Jon Steinberg, President of BuzzFeed
  • Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Marketing for Nestle

What is really neat about Roundtable is that anyone can join in the commentary with this great group of all-stars. So please take the time to head over to our Roundtable this week and share your thoughts on the Future of Digital Marketing.

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