Startup School gives an insider’s view into Facebook, Quora & others [video]

This past Saturday, Y Combinator hosted their 5th Annual Startup School at Stanford.  Featuring speakers such as Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman and Andrew Mason, the all day event was a first hand account of the ups and downs of creating a new company.  Thankfully for those of us that couldn’t attend in person, the entire event was streamed on  While all of the videos are a great watch for anyone in the world of digital marketing, I found the afternoon to be particularly interesting.  The below video captures a two hour block that included:

  • Ron Conway, Partner – SV Angels (starts at 0:01:10)
  • Adam D’Angelo, Founder – Quora (starts at 0:40:00)
  • Dalton Caldwell, Founder – Picplz & Founder – Imeem (starts at 1:08:00)

I found Dalton’s talk on why music start-ups are so difficult to be particularly interesting given how many companies are launched to revolutionize the entertainment industry.  D’Angelo’s was also a great peak into what might just be the hottest start-up at the moment.  And of course, Conway’s insight is always interesting given that he’s the world’s leading Angel investor.

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