Changing consumer landscape creates a $50 billion digital opportunity

At this year’s CM Summit, Mary Meeker shared an updated presentation on her 2010 Internet Trends.   As always, Meeker’s presentation was jammed with thought provoking statements and facts that every marketing professional needs to pay attention.  In particular,the following caught my eye as things every Brand Manger and Marketer needs to keep in mind:

The difference in Media Time Spent vs Advertising Spend creates a $50 billion global opportunity: As consumers spend more time with Internet / Mobile, there is still a major gap vs advertising spend.  There is a huge opportunity to shift dollars, especially at the expense of print (12% of media time but a whopping 26% of ad spend).   But shifting theese dollars will require average online CPM’s to move upwards since they are still well below other media CPM’s.

Mobile Internet is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did: In fact, Morgan Stanley is predicting that for the first time ever, Smart Phone shipments will outpace Basic Cell Phones in 2011.  This is driven by the fact that 2010 will be a “Mainstream” tipping point as 3G penetration crosses over 20% globally.  Additionally, the number of Mobile App and Mobile Search users both doubled from 2009 to 2010.  Search was the single most used Mobile Browser feature, greater than Social Networking (#2) and News (#3).

Google’s Android will soon pass the iPhone in shipments: Estimates show that Android shipments in Q2 2010 will likely exceed iPhone for the first time-ever.  Most marketers I know have iPhone envy and aren’t even thinking about developing for Android.  Looks like that will have to change…fast.

These are just a few of the highlights from a great presentation.  Take the time to read it.  Your head will be spinning with opportunities and thoughts afterwards.

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