The 21st Century Dad – The newest target market for Brand Managers

Man of the House

An interesting trend has been cropping up over the past few years as marketers have begun to pay an increasing attention to dads as a target consumer.  It is a trend that has merit thanks in part to a changing consumer.  As Nielsen pointed out in a study last year:

the traditional roles of men and women are being redefined to better reflect today’s social norms. Today’s American households are looking less like Donna Reed—the paradigm for the ideal 1950’s family—and more like Mr. Mom.

This same Nielsen study also showed that “almost one-third of men are now the principal shoppers in the household.”  Not only are men carrying more of the responsibility for shopping, they are also spending more on these trips.  Case in point, in just the past five years, men have increased the average dollar basket size (ie amount they spent) by 56% on grocery trips.

“Daddy Like”

At the forefront of marketing to this changing consumer are brands like Toyota and Klondike.

Toyota for instance sent the tone with their latest campaign for the Sienna Minivan.  Under the tagline of “Daddy Likes”, the campaign features two parents who express their awesomeness through their Sienna.  Probably the most memorable part of the campaign is the “Swagger Wagon” music video, which has received over 3MM views on YouTube in just its first month.  Klondike on the hand just recently launched their “Everyman Challenges.” To kick off the campaign, the brand is using Adam Carolla in a very Dad like video called “Pack the Car.”

And finally while Mommy Bloggers have gotten all the love over the years, it looks like Dads will finally have their turn at the inaugural Modern Media Man Summit in September.  Given the advisory board includes folks like Jason Falls, Clay Nichols and David Armano, I have high hopes that this new conference will only continue to grow the attention behind the rising importance of Dads.

Man of the House

With this very trend in mind, P&G Productions last week launched Man of the House.   Created in partnership with the folks at Barefoot Proximity, Man of the House has been one of my favorite projects over the past few months.   So what is it?  Well in the words of our editor, “Man of the House is the real man’s magazine, a guide for the jack of all trades trying to be better – at work and at home, as a father and as a husband.”  It is also a site that we have created with a ton of great partners including Share This, Associated Content, Get Satisfaction, Six Apart and countless others.

Like everything on the Web, Man of the House is a constant work in progress so I would love to hear your feedback… both on the site, as well as our  Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Feed.  I am pretty excited about how the property has turned out and where it is going over the next few months, especially as more brands recognize the potential for Dads as a marketing target.

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