Weekly Round Up: What caught my eye in recent weeks

Lots of interesting things for Brand Managers and Marketers to keep an eye on these days in the world of digital.  Here are just a few of things that I found interesting in recent weeks:

Massive teams with ComScore to verify how well in-game ads work: Now can argue that gaming is big business.  And in recent years, advertising in video games has started to become big business as well.  Now two of the industry leaders will try to fuel that growth by connecting the ads that consumers see in games with the actions they take to buy or view products and services afterward.

Location is everything – Foursquare API is proof: API is a term that is often misunderstood in marketing circles.  But you can make the case that a large part of Twitter’s success was because it opened up its API.  The same could soon be true for Foursquare, especially for businesses & brands where location has always been extremely important.

25 things you need to know to become a New Media Mogul: Great points from Ken Auletta, author of “Googled: The End of the World As We Know It.”  I’m personally trying to take these points to heart, especially my favorites of:

  • #1 – Passion Wins
  • #14 – Digital is Different
  • #19 – Paradox: The web forges both niche communities and large communities

The future of gaming – 5 social predictions: After Electronic Arts (EA) purchased social gaming company Playfish, Mashable took a stab at predicting what the combination of video gaming and social gaming might mean.

  1. There Will Be More Social Gaming Acquisitions
  2. EA Will Find New Ways to Monetize Social Gaming
  3. Virtual Goods Will Become Even Bigger Business
  4. You Will See a Wave of Social Gaming on the Console
  5. EA and Others Will Make Even Stronger Moves on Mobile


  1. says

    I think the social gaming will continue to get more and more attention. The line between gaming and engagement is becoming increasingly blurred.

    I am eager to see social gaming and social networking continue to merge. Foursquare is an obvious example of where this might be headed. Of all the location based networks, it seems the gaming aspect of Foursquare has really given them traction where the others have slowed.

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