And you wonder why a Brand Manager’s job is tougher today?

Shiv Singh pointed the way to a graphic that perfectly captures what Brand Managers are faced with today.  The complexity of marketing and media choices has exploded since the 1980’s.  But at the same time, this is what makes it so fun to be in brand marketing right now.



  1. says

    Great graphic and so true. Even in the '80s too much time was spent on media selection and not enough on basics like say, target market and it is even worse.

  2. says

    This graphic makes it clear that Media Strategy is possibly a hollow man when you compare it to connection planning. The media and channel planners are focused on the means not the ends. Connection planning is customer centric. Will Connection Planning come back ? We shall have to wait and see.

  3. says

    Thanks, Dave. I posted a similar graphic on my blog this morning, only with no connecting lines, because consumers connect those lines and we don't. That said, "connection planning" is absolutely possible as Michael Graham Syd suggests. And YES, I agree — this is why marketing is so fun today!!!

  4. Debjani says

    Very interesting graphic, particularly the juxtaposition with the 1980's option. I was curious what 'augmented reality' meant and how a brand marketer would achieve that?! Regarding the above comment on newspapers and magazines, would that fall under the 'Press' bucket?

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