Brands I Love: Knob Creek tells the world “Thanks for Nothing”

Knob Creek Thanks for Nothing

I have to admit,this is one of my favorite print ads out there.  But then again, I seem to have a soft spot for great liquor advertising.

In the world of Consumer Packaged Goods, Knob Creek is going through what we call “allocation.”  And allocation is usually a bad thing for a brand… a really bad thing.  But the marketers at Knob Creek have taken the high road and used the shortage to reinforce their equity of “uncompromising quality.”  It would have been easy for them to start using some product that hadn’t aged the “full 9 years”.  But they did what is right in the long run for both their fans and for the brand.  That type of commitment to a brand is admirable and should be a role model for all Brand Managers.

BTW – Special thanks to Jason Falls for helping me get a digital copy of the above ad.


  1. Melissa Morrison says

    Thanks for picking that up. It was a compelling ad in Sunday's NYT, made me want to run out and buy it despite not really being a bourbon drinker. The perceived rarity and scarcity of their product (due to dedication to quality) make it quite desirable.

  2. Will Krieger says

    Great post! Nothing sells better than quality. This is a great way for Knob Creek to show their pride in consistent quality. WK


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