Ad Age announces the 2009 Digital A-List

As someone who lives and breathes digital marketing every day, I am always intrigued to see what the media identifies as the latest and great in digital.  In advance of their Ad Age Digital Conference, Ad Age released their 2009 Digital A-List.  Making the list this year were:

  • Apple:  Apple ads breathe new life into Online creative.
  • Hulu: Top-notch content makes Hulu a success.
  • R/GA: R/GA smashes the boundaries of Digital Shop model
  • CNN/Facebook:  CNN/Facebook Inauguration pairing a watershed moment
  • Obama:  Social Media paves Obama’s way to the White House.
  • Xbox:  Xbox is not just for the hardcore gamer anymore.
  • Twitter:  Who says everything has to be monetized?
  • Walmart:  How Walmart owns the concept of value online.
  • AKQA:  AKQA embodies new digital-agency model.
  • Bank of America:  Consumer control brings brand loyalty to Bank of America.
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