Support Charity with a Tide Loads of Hope Vintage T-Shirt

Tide has provided Loads of Hope – and clean clothes – to families in desperate need of support in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Southern California wildfires. To raise money for Loads of Hope, you can buy a really cool vintage t-shirt by visiting   All profits go to charity so please buy yours today.  (Full disclosure: P&G is hosting a Digital event tonight to raise money for Loads of Hope so this post is in support of that event).  Thank you for the help!


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    Thanks Rebecca! I have to admit that I am constantly amazed at some of the great things P&G does. I didnt even know we had this program till a few months ago. I hope tonight makes it so everyone knows about it out there.

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    Thanks Dave just discovered your site some interesting articles the T shirts are a wonderful idea its always commendable to support people in need.

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    Why won't they ship to Canada I wonder? It is still raising money for a good cause and whoever is purchasing for a good cause shouldn't mind paying the freight you would think…

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