One Year Later: A Recap of Hard Knox Life

Today marks 1 year and ~200 posts since I started writing Hard Knox Life.  A lot has happened in that short time.  On the personal side, I moved back to Cincinnati and got engaged to a special woman.  And on the business front, I started an amazing new role at P&G and met tons of interesting people thanks to this blog and Twitter.

So in honor of the one year anniversary, I wanted to recap the posts that I’m most proud of here on Hard Knox Life.

  1. Lessons of the Square Watermelon:  Hands down, my most successful post ever…yet one I wasn’t even the original author of!  Thanks to a plug from Guy Kawasaki and Marketing Profs, it’s had over 20K views.
  2. What I Believe In: My Personal Leadership Philosophy:  The other post that search engines seem to love, this talks to how I approach my personal leadership philosophy in the business world.
  3. Congratulations Motrin, You Just Proved Why Every Brand Needs to Understand Social Media:  Motrin was the latest in a line of brands to get in trouble by not appreciating the force of Social Media.  It is a cautionary tale for any Brand Manager.
  4. Even a Brand Manager Needs Their 10,000 Hours of Practice:  My most recent post on the list, inspired by Bob Lefsetz and Malcolm Gladwell.
  5. How should Brand Managers approach the Social Graphs of Facebook Connect and OpenID?:  The debate on this one is just getting started and doesn’t show signs of slowing down in 2009.
  6. Networking Isn’t a Dirty Word:  There are tons of interesting people doing interesting things out there.  Are you the type of Brand Manager that sits in conference rooms all day or are you making it a point to get out there and find out what’s next in the world of marketing?
  7. If It Looks Like a Brand Manager and Talks Like a Brand Manager That Doesn’t Mean Its a Marketer:  My riff on a common issue in Brand Management and marketing.
  8. Mashable Says Brands Don’t Belong on Twitter:  Lots of great debate on this one.  As Twitter looks for a revenue model, I personally see brands being a potential way for them to get there.
  9. Did Mitch Joel Miss the Mark on His 10 Twitter Users that Marketers Should Follow?:   If you are a Brand Manager looking for real inspiration in how digital can change your business, then this is my take on 10 people you should follow on Twitter.
  10. The 10 Bloggers Who Inspire Hard Knox Life:  Fitting to end my list with the people who I personally love reading.

Did I leave any out?

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