Brand Managers need to pay attention to the potential of Mobile Marketing

How many times have you heard someone proclaim, “Mobile Marketing is going to be huge this year!”?  Personally I think I have heard it every year since about 2004.  But despite these constant shouts, I did read some recent facts & figures that make me think the time of mobile might arriving sooner rather than later.  Consider these:

The mobile phone is the most popular electronic device in the world:

  • 3X more cellphones than TV’s
  • 2X more cellphones that PC’s
  • 91% of mobile users keep their cell phone within one meter of themselves 24 hours/day 365 days/yr

The mobile phone is second nature to Millenials:

  • 10 years old is the average age a tween/teen gets their first cellphone
  • 88% of tweens/teens use a cell phone daily

There is huge potential for Digital Content and Search through the mobile phone:

  • 10.3MM US subscribers access video on their handset every month…yet 109MM user are capable of doing so on the cellphone they own
  • 500MM iPhone Apps have been downloaded since its debut in July 08
  • 21MM US mobile phone users who use search per month, a 68% increase in 2007

And finally if those didn’t grab your attention, marketers are starting to put their wallets where the facts are:

  • 25%+ of brands expect to see mobile advertising taking 2-5% of their overall marketing budget in the next 5 years
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    i'm old (30), but most of the people i go to school with are 19-22. that's pretty cool in that i get to have my finger on the pulse of their lifestyles in a way that most people don't at my age.

    based on what i see with them, let me tell you, mobile marketing is going to happen soon and it's going to be huge. email *is* for old people and the handset *is* the primary way to reach these people. that will likely change to some extent once many of them get desk jobs and spend more time behind the computer, but i don't see them fundamentally changing their relationship with mobile devices. as technology improves this will only be more true.

    like you posted about "convergence," i don't think anybody has hit a home run in mobile marketing yet, but they will, and it will shake the foundations of many industries and companies.

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    i know this is not exactly on topic, but i have a blog using the blogengine platform as well and i’m having issues with my comments displaying. is there a setting i am forgetting? maybe you could help me out? thank you.


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