Weekly Round-Up: 2-3-09

Ever since I added the delicious “What I Am Reading Lately” widget to Hard Knox Life, I have been slacking on writing Weekly Round-Ups as actual blog posts.  I wanted to take the chance to see if people actually miss these posts or if I should just keep using the widget.  Any thoughts from my readers?

In the meantime, here are the posts from around the blogosphere that caught my attention:

  • Can a NFL Team reach the Super Bowl with a simple brand logo change? – Over at EyeCube, Rick Liebling changes this very question from the WSJ.  If there is any truth to this, I really hope the Bengals hire a new design agency fast.
  • David Armano has a killer job in Amersterdam – Adidas has formed a new type of agency backed by Critical Mass and RIOT, leading to the hunt for a Social Media Director.  Here’s the job description: “The Social Media Director is part strategist, part director, part sports enthusiast and will lead a team of seeders and conversationalists who will actively participate in various forms of social media on behalf of RIOT’s adidas client.”  Sounds like a killer job to me.
  • Hey companies, where are your iPhone Apps – That pretty much sums it up.  Companies need to wake up to these mobile opportunities for brand building.   And oh yeah 500 million iPhone apps have already been downloaded.
  • Peter Kim writes a manifesto for Social Business to get off their ass – It’s not quite Jerry Maguire style of “who’s coming with me” but Peter Kim makes a good point when he says the blogosphere is lacking original content lately and that “the reverb in the echo chamber has become deafening.”  I might not be helping with the Weekly Round-Up post but Peter’s words are ones we all need to read.
  • Brands that Twitter: A Complete List – This has to be the most comprehensive list I have seen of brands using Twitter.  Though they did miss my guys at Tag Records.  I also liked the Mashable in-depth look at 40 brands on Twitter.

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