Charlene Li outlines for the Future of Social Networks

One of my favorite minds in the realm of Social Media has to be Charlene Li.  Best known as the author of Groundswell (read it if you haven’t already), Charlene has been making the speaking circuit in support of her new company, Altimeter Group.  Her latest presentation, The Future of Social Networks, is a must read for any Brand Manager thinking about how advertising and marketing will fit in this new social world.

In this presentation, Charlene makes the point that in the future, Social Networks will “be like air.”  Thanks to universal identity and sign-in, your friends will be wherever you need them… literally their recommendations and thoughts will be at your finger tips.  Just as important, this social graph will help marketers provide more relevent information and advertising to consumers when and where they need.

Thanks to the folks over the Digital Design Blog for the lead.


  1. Brian Siegel says

    Social media rocks, if you utilize it properly, as you know! Consumer driven content, where will it go, what will the trend forge to be, how can you stay in tune/ahead, and dissect with really matters vs. saturated empty context?! Capturing and creating value from the right information the right way are key, you agree? What actions/innovations/projects are you leading to immerse in this social media phenomenon?


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