eMarketer: Facts and Numbers for Teens / Tweens

Over the weekend I had a chance to catch up on some of the recent eMarketer reports.  They have been releasing quite a bit around Teens / Tweens and technology.  In particular, their Kids & Teens Communication Revolutionaries provides some stellar information for any Brand Manager marketing to the youth market.  For instance, by 2012 US youth will be almost 1 out of 5 Internet users.


Furthermore, this generation wants to communicate in different ways than older generations, with a much higher preference text messaging than e-mail.


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    The best term I’ve heard used to describe the teens is Echo generation. In that, they are the kids of the baby boomers, and there’s more of them than we think. Grab a book called Boom Bust and Echo. It will explain how lucky you and I are, along with how things look for the marketplace.


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