Why design should matter for Brand Managers

Thanks to Chris Brogan, I stumbled across this amazing presentation on the importance of design.  Over the past several years, design has emerged as a powerful force at P&G.  This presentation does a great job capturing why design is an important element for every Brand Manager to consider.

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    I’m glad that you found the project to be a good resource.

    It’s true the role of design is changing and companies are discovering what a powerful advantage great design can provide. P&G is a great example.

    And to drive your point home as to how brand managers should have the element of design in their tool belt, my roots are in design but since I have moved into more marketing strategy work. I see design not as the finishing touches or polish to be slapped on at the end of product or service development, but as something that should strategically emerge from the brand and be an authentic part of what the brand stands for. I could go on, but there is no need in preaching to the choir.

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