Nintendo Wii creates one of the most brilliant pieces of digital marketing I have ever seen

Thanks to Adam Cohen, I came across one of the most brilliant pieces of digital marketing that I have seen in awhile.  The ad is for the Nintendo Wii and their latest game, Wario Land.

Creative like this is why digital is transforming our jobs as marketers and Brand Managers.  If you haven’t seen what I am talking about, go check it out now at:

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    OMG! That is amazing. Conceptually, it’s brilliant. User experience-wise, it’s insanely brilliant. The entire page was still functional, even after it was totally rocked. You could literally click on a user name in the comments and it still worked! They could have made it one large flash movie, yet instead, someone realized that they could add exponential WOW factor to the overall experience by going an extra step further. I love it.


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