The web is buzzing about personal branding

Personal Branding seems to be the “it” topic of the week.  You have Chris Brogan writing a free ebook on Personal Branding for the Business Professional. Then Dan Schawbel is talking about pitching to journalists using your personal brand.  Now David Armano adds his upcoming presentation to the Chicago New Media Summit entitled “Brand U.0″.

As a branding professional, this buzz about personal branding intrigues me.  I know it’s not a new topic by any means, but it is surprising how few people think about it (including me).  I think I need to spend some time mulling this one over…


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    Yes, lots of buzz and blogs and I can tell you that it is true, many people do not think about their personal or professional brand. Or they do think about it, but don’t always know how to translate those thoughts into actions. Feel free to send those people my way! I do like to work on this with my clients.


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    Personal branding isn’t just here for the week, it’s here to stay. A very important topic in managing ones career and has to be done right!

    I spend a great deal of time with my clients emphasizing how important this topic is to their career.


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