My new gig – P&G Digital Brand Strategist

So I can officially announce that as of October 1st, I will be P&G’s new Global Marketing Digital Brand Strategist.

So what exactly is a Digital Brand Strategist?  Well frankly a lot of that is going to be figured out on the job since this is a completely new position for P&G Marketing.   At the highest levels, the job will be helping drive P&G’s capability in digital marketing, branded content, social media, mobile and a host of other “digital areas”.  My job will be helping guide and equip my fellow Procter & Gamble Brand Managers / Marketers across the company with the tools to develop their digital marketing strategy.  Here is part of the job description:

Accelerating the company’s Digitial Marketing expertise and efforts across the globe is one of the current top priorities. Our commitment is to equip our brand building community with the knowledge and capabilities to create and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy.  Specific responsibilities will include:
– building & running the global digital marketing network
– leading digital marketing training program (content & delivery)
– ‘collect & connect’ of best practices & inspirational case studies
– demonstrating use new digital capabilities for internal communications

This role will involve strong external networking and communication to bring the outside in and keep us in close touch with leading edge capabilities and expertise.

I am super excited about this new role because it allows me to dive headfirst into two areas that I love: Digital Marketing and Brand Building.  It will also allow me to meet and work with many of the people in the online community who I have grown to respect and admire while writing Hard Knox Life.  And with our changes at the top of our marketing leadership, the job will be even more interesting.

As part of the job I will be relocating back to Cincinnati so I’ll be getting ready for that move over the coming 2 months while finishing up some major projects on the Walmart Team.  If anyone is looking/wanting to buy a house in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I can get you a great deal on mine!


  1. Patrick says

    Congratulations – as a Digital Strategist for Kaplow Communications I share your excitement for the digital landscape..if you are ever in NYC we should have lunch as I mine your blog everyday for good nuggets of info…

  2. says

    that’s awesome, man. great when your passion can become (more central to) your job. i don’t know if it’s our generation or even just bloggers but seems like more of us are striving for the work-life blend (vs. balance). looks like you’re well on your way to achieving it. holler if you’re in ny for professional/personal (yeah, that’s a purposeful slash) reasons.

  3. says

    All….thanks for the kind wishes.

    Matt – Can’t wait to join as well. Should be exciting

    Seth – Our generation as a whole is looking for that life/work blend where our passion areas are our job. It is much easy to have work life “balance” when you can’t draw the line between where work ends and life begins! We’ll meet up in NYC for sure

  4. says

    exciting! this sounds like a very cool, but very necessary and crucial role. P&G is amazing at a lot of things, but it’s safe to say that online isn’t one of them. it will be awesome to see what you’re up to!

  5. says

    Dave this is the coolest gig ever. Looking forward to the info exchange–and not from just my direction but from yours as well. You get to see some of the coolest things that brands are doing.

  6. says

    Congrats! Look forward to meeting up once you’re settled back in Cincy – welcome ‘home’! Great job title, opportunity, and def utilized a great talent with you to lead such innovative efforts!


  7. says

    Dave – Congrats, if belated, on the new role. Saw via a tweet from Jeremiah. If you make it up to Cleveland let me know as it would be great to swap stories.


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